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School Councillors 2017

Year 2

Poppy Bruce

Noah Blemmings  

“We were thrilled when we were told we had been chosen and are looking forward to making a difference to school life

Year 3
Phoebe Wild Thomas Heys  

“We were elected by our class because we have lots of ideas to improve school life”

Year 4
Ellie Warburton Harry Smith  

“Most of the class wanted to be school councillors so we were so happy to have received the most votes”

Year 5
Haroon Anjum Sophie Gilligan  

“We were voted in to School Council because of our ideas and so look forward to sharing these ideas with the rest of the school”

Year 6
Erin Elson Joseph Jones  

“As we are Head Girl and Head Boy and have strong links with the community through our monthly meetings at the Droylsden School Partnership we are delighted to share our knowledge and ideas at School Council”


If you have an idea or problem, talk to School Council

Here at St Mary’s we believe that children should have their say about how the school is run and to enable them to do this we have a school council. A school council is group of students from year 2 - 6 who are elected to represent the views of all pupils.

At the beginning of each year each class elects 2 children to represent them at the school council meetings.  School council representatives are encouraged to bring thoughts and ideas from their own year group to be debated and acted upon, if they will improve school life.

The school councillors meet every week with Mrs. Marshall and once a month with Miss Hampson our head teacher.

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