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Pupils' Pages - Year 5

Welcome to Year 5's page

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Teacher: Mr C E Quinn (Deputy Head)
Teaching assistant: Mrs J Evans



Year 5 have been out at Rycroft Hall collecting and learning how to play conkers. Once they had drilled and strung their conkers, they followed the rules and the conkeroff began.

Some of the conkers had been nibbled by the squirrels and we also planted some to see if they grow.

The pupils then worked in groups to create instructions for people to use when planning their own game.




Year 5 & 6 have been studying the Plague as part of our local history topic. We visited Eyam - The Plague Village - to find out what it was like for people who lived and died during the 1666 outbreak.

The villagers contracted the plague from fleas, which were hiding in the cloth that was delivered from London. It soon spread and the people of Eyam chose to shut themselves off from the surrounding cities as not to spread the deadly disease.

We explored the village and visited the museum and local church. The children studied the stained glass window and discovered that the local Vicar (William Mompesson) had coordinated the villagers and organised for food parcels and supplies to be left at the boundary stone so that limited contact with the outside world was maintained. A truly brave set of people and out of the 380 original residents only 80+ survived.

Find out more:

The Boundary Stone 

The Church

The Village Stocks!

The plague cottages where the cloth was delivered

Ring of roses is cast onto the school gates as a reminder

Feeding Time


Kathryn Mompesson's Grave

Our year 5 poets used Wilfred Owen's poems to help them create their own remembrance poems for our 11am assembly. Great work and fantastic reading.

Click here to watch video 1 and video 2

Click on the image to see all our pictures.

Here are some examples of what we have been getting up to recently.

This term we are exploring what life would have been like for Robin Hood and his merry men. So far we have learnt about traditional wood land games, charcoal portraits and we have also been writing our own legends in literacy. As part of our topic, we will also be taking part in an archery session and looking at just how skilled Robin needed to be to split an arrow!



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