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Pupils' Pages - Year2

Welcome to Year 2’s page.

Our teacher is Mrs Leitch and
the teaching assistants are Mrs Lee and Mrs Smith

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Information for Year 2 Parents
There is always a lot going on during the school week, so here are a few important events that take place every week.

  World Book Week  

Spelling Tests
Each week, the children are assigned a small collection of spellings to practise at home. The words chosen are linked to the phonics groups the children are working in, allowing them to progress through a wide range of handy words throughout the year.

We recommend that the children spend 5 minutes per day practising their spellings, using a look, cover, write and check method.

The children are tested on these spellings every Friday afternoon and have the opportunity to earn prizes for consistently trying their best.

Reading Books
Reading books are changed on a Monday morning, allowing the children to take the next book in the staged reading scheme to further their reading skills.

Records are maintained in school to chart the books the children have been assigned.

Please be aware reading books will not be changed unless a comment has been made in the child’s reading journal. It is very useful in class to know how the children have found their books at home, as this assists us in selecting future books and will allow us to address any areas where the children need additional support.

Library Books
Library books are changed on
Monday afternoons.

A record is kept within school, listing the books taken out by each child. As these books are returned, the children will be given time to select a new book to take home for the following week. This provides a welcome opportunity for the children to select a book that matches their own interests.

Show and Tell
At the end of each school day, the children are invited to take part in an in-class ‘show and tell’ session (this is time and behaviour dependent). The children can bring in an item from home, such as a drawing they have created, a toy, or a medal, and they have the opportunity to talk to the rest of the class about their item. The children are also given the chance to ask further questions.

The children now get to enjoy an entire afternoon dedicated to PE. This takes place on a Wednesday, and involves two sessions – one based inside and one outside. This means the children are able to develop a range of physical skills and have lots of fun doing so! For example, we will be focusing on ball game skills outside and different forms of dance during our indoor sessions as the year progresses.

Due to the use of both indoor and outdoor settings, it is useful for the children to have two PE kits. The outdoor kit should include black tracksuit bottoms and trainers, whereas black pumps and shorts are preferred for the indoor kit.

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