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Pupils' Pages - Animation Club

The Animation club started running after school during the autumn term this year and then continued in the spring and summer term. Children from the lower juniors have taken part. Two different groups of these children have produced the very first animated films the club has ever made.

We have started out trying 2-D animation and had much support from Brian Harkins and Russell Scott Primary School who have produced award winning animated films.

To make the films we worked together to produce storyboards and then made up different background scenes and characters. The characters limbs and head were attached with the animatorís best friend bluetack! It meant that we could keep moving parts of the characters and photograph them. We took over one thousand photographs for each film! The computer put the photographs together to make it look like the characters were moving themselves.

We animated the characters inside an, Ďanipodí, a special box for 2 D animating. The final part of the process was recording our voices for the narration and adding some simple sound effects.

All the children involved have worked really hard, even producing a very short piece of film can take many hours. Well done to you all!

Click on the film names below and watch the brilliant animations.
A Short Snowy Adventure Jesus Walking on the Water


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